Business Architecture Advisory & Implementation Services

What is Business Architecture?
…A blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands…

Benefits of Establishing a Business Architecture Practice


Ability To:

– Create business transformation initiatives supported by fact-based recommendations
– Align organization, capabilities and resources with changing priorities
– Establish performance management framework and improve business outcomes
– Simulate business decision change outcomes based on objective data
– Adopt innovative ideas and emerging practices with value justification

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BPM Advisory & Implementation Services

​Our BPM Advisory services help, coach and arm your organization to succeed in improving your business processes. Our BPM experts will work along with you to evaluate your business and strategic goals, gain business process visibility, determine your KPI’s for performance of your processes, identify road blocks, and thus build a unique roadmap and BPM solution, specific to your need.

Our team will further take you along through the model design, automation, execution, monitoring and optimization phases.

When it comes to BPM Implementations, SmartSoft has evolved and perfected a methodology that brings the principles of classic BPM Methodology and Agile together. Our approach ensures high degree of involvement of Business and IT stake holders from our clients, agile and nimble solution development and continuous feedback loops. We believe, it is our methodology that has helped us make each of our customers 100% referenceable.


Business Intelligence

We are a company that takes pride in providing expert solutions with the highest level of customer service. With an in depth knowledge in varied fields we have extended our offerings beyond technical staffing. We are fully equipped to provide team services, component and workforce management services. Appointing right people with the right skills, with qualifying technical background and professionalism is the key to achieve success in today’s competitive world. Hence, we take full care to maintain the standards and deliver highly qualified technical professionals on the job. Our services and full time commitment aids us in building long term relationships with both clients and technical professionals. Technical expertise and on the job training enables us to provide equally efficient training and development services. We believe that training and development are a gradual process that requires full time commitment and support at every step.